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10 Day Holiday Coaching Pass

How does a stress free, drama free Holiday sound?

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Direct access to a coach to help navigate difficult and sensitive situations and AVOID blow-ups! - Answers in real time!

With a Holiday Coaching Pass you will have access to coaching in real time. Whether you're single and feeling a bit apprehensive about that dreaded question coming up during dinner or you're in a relationship. Maybe it's your first Holiday 'meeting the parents' and you don't want nerves getting in the way!  Family and significant others, as much as we love them, the stress of the holidays can get to anyone - don't let it be you who crumbles under the stress this holiday season! 

Get the love, support and guidance you need for a stress-free and memorable holiday season!

10 Day Holiday Coaching Pass:

Dates (incl):          December 23rd 2023- January 1st 2024

Times:                  8am - 8pm GMT 

Platform:              Whatsapp & Facebook + Messenger

Price:                   £150

What a Holiday Coaching Pass Gets You!

Personalized Real-Time Guidance

Tailored, instant solutions for your holiday hurdles. Get personalized advice in real-time—no stress, just effective strategies for family, social, or relationship challenges.

Direct Access to an Experienced Coach

Your dedicated coach, at your service. Instant, personalized support from a professional ensures you're never alone in handling holiday pressures.

Additional Support in a Group Setting

Connect and conquer together. Join a supportive community facing similar holiday hurdles, sharing experiences, and gaining collective wisdom for a stress-free season.

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