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Real words from real clients. Here, we proudly present a collection of testimonials shared by individuals who have experienced the transformative power of our coaching services. These testimonials are unedited and unfiltered, allowing you to hear directly from our clients in their own authentic voices.

At Naturaffinity, we believe in the power of personal stories and genuine feedback. These testimonials reflect the real-life experiences and insights of those who have embarked on their personal growth journeys with us. We are incredibly grateful to our clients for generously sharing their thoughts and experiences, allowing others to gain a deeper understanding of the positive impact our coaching can have.

Yoga at Home

Guided Meditation for Clarity

Neeta - JHB, South Africa

My experience with Nas has been so powerful, I am still processing the gentle meditation with her earlier today, it’s given me clarity on a way forward, level of understanding of self. 


I would recommend booking a session with Nas as you feel at ease, she takes you through the process that is gentle and there’s no level of judgement on what your experience or outcome shows up as.


I have had meditation sessions with others, this was different in the sense that this offered a level of comfort as she took notes for me, there was no pressure to remember the details as I felt safe to share my experience with her. 


Would highly recommend her services! 


Time Management & Effectiveness Coaching

Shaf - Sheffield,UK

Hey Nas! Incredibly productive day today! Got so much done today! Just pushing as hard as I can in all areas! Learnt a lot and excited for what's ahead.

All in all loved today and I'm looking forward to tomorrow!

Architect Designing Plans
Curriculum Vitae

Personal & Professional Development Program

Jo - Oxford, UK

I met Nas in 2018 and sought her guidance as a life coach and mentor. It was the best decision of my life and Nas has been a pillar of strength. She has guided me through extremely difficult personal and professional situations- including bereavement and pregnancy loss. I have weekly sessions with her and she is spot on with her advice. Her advice is always practical and actionable. She is up to date on the latest HR and interview trends which is professionally important. We typically exchange messages throughout the week and I feel very supported by this. She has always gone beyond the call of her duty to help me.

Dating & Relationship Coaching + Mentoring

Marie - Charleroi, Belgium

Nas honesty and kindness is deeply important to me!

My coaching journey with Nas began during my period of grief, and now we connect three times a week for mentoring sessions. She not only guides me in my relationships but supports me through every challenge I face.

Working with Nas has been very valuable and healing and I am now married to a wonderful man. I have done private coaching and workshops now ongoing mentoring.

Some people wonder why I continue working with Nas after finding my Mr. Right. In life there are cycles, grief, loss, pain, anger, hurt, trust. These things they are important to work through them. You do not want to continue sweeping things under the carpet until one day you try to walk over the carpet but the things underneath, they have become a mountain, you trip and fall. You want to be happy, you want to love and feel alive. Nas knows me sometimes better than I know myself, I trust her, I see how she is always working for my best outcomes so there is no sense to stop because in life you must keep growing and the mentorship is affordable and personal so why not?

My advice if you are near 50 like me or 40 or 20 and you want to have love that is real, true commitment and marriage don’t spend time doing experiments with your heart, body or mind. Learn what you want, what you need, what to look for in a man, what you like, what you don’t like but it’s good for your growth. Finding a husband is serious as you treat your job and work hard to be the match to the man you want. In your job there is upskilling and courses to be better,to get a promotion. If you are single and you need a promotion maybe to girlfriend or wife then you have to do the upskill too. It is obvious is it not? Call Nas she will help you like she helps me.

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